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How much is shipping?

Each item is calculated uniquely in your cart based on weight and location. To acess shipping charge, we recommend adding the item to your cart.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship worldwide with no country restrictions, Shipping costs are determined at checkout, All international orders are shipped within 5-7 business days, once the order is shipped, you will receive an email confirmation with the tracking number, the customer is responsible for any taxes or customs fees charged by their local government.

What is your return policy?

Due to the unique nature of our rugs and the difficulty shipping, all sales are final. Please feel free to contact us with any questions prior to purchasing.

What condition are these rugs in?

Many of our rugs are vintage, used, old, some with wear and tear, some with permanent stains, if you have questions regarding condition please contact us before purchasing as we do not accept returns.

Please note that there may be some variations in color of the item due to computer screen differentials.  In particular, beige carpets may be darker or more golden/yellow than they appear on your screen. 

How do I care for my rug?

Keeping a Moroccan rug looking its best begins with preventative care. That does not mean shielding it from every footstep, but it does mean regularly taking the steps necessary to keep the rug free of dirt and debris. During day-to-day use, dirt particles can become embedded in the fibers of the rug. Once embedded, the dirt begins to shred the fibers. This shredding is what can cause bare spots in an otherwise lovely rug. The longevity of the rug will be extended if dirt is removed regularly.

The rug should be shaken outside, at least once a week, until all dirt has been removed. If shaking the rug outside is impractical it can be vacuumed, preferably with a hand held vacuum, slowly from side-to-side so as not to damage the fibres. Be sure to flip the rug and vacuum both sides. Shaking and vacuuming on a regular basis should be sufficient to keep the rug clean during normal use.

Spot cleaning the rug may also become necessary. Blot up any liquid or other soil as quickly as possible to prevent it from soaking into the rug fibres. Be aware that depending on the dyes used, liquid may cause some bleeding. Use a white cotton towel or paper towel to blot with as this will prevent any foreign dyes from entering the rug fibres. Blot from the outsider most edge of the stain towards the center. Do not rub as this can break down the fibres.

Keep in mind the location of the rug when determining how frequently to clean it. If the rug is in a particularly high traffic area or in a home with pets, steps should be taken to clean it more often. Even with taking these preventative measures after two or three years the rug should be professionally cleaned. Be sure to look for a reputable cleaner with experience in Moroccan berber rugs as many chemicals used in dry cleaning can damage the fibers and ruin the dyes used.

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